Quantum Energy

What is Quantum Energy?

Have you ever had an experience or a moment when you knew something important was going on, but you didn’t know what it was or why exactly? When, for a few seconds, you’re suspended in some other dimension and hear yourself say something like, wow, this is happening, it’s happening, yes, it’s happening. And you stay there, it seems, like eons, until someone makes you do or say something that takes you out of that moment. What is that?

Sometimes it’s a person coming into your life for a brief time, or maybe a lifetime. You know that person instinctively, from the instant you lay eyes on him or her, and you know he or she is important to you; that meeting him or her is meaningful. Somehow. So you apply some familiar, commonplace meaning to it. Love at first sight. Just lucky I guess. Normal attraction. And call it a day. But is it only that?

You don’t have to have the whole person standing in front of you to have that moment. It can just be the person’s name, heard in a casual conversation or seen on a piece of paper. Boom. It does something to you. Deep inside. You’re intrigued. You want to meet that person. Or events and circumstances bring you to that person. And when you meet that person, you pay special attention, and undoubtedly, you get involved. You may even marry him or her. In all cases, you are changed by it.

Would you like to know what that’s all about? I call it, a quantum moment. A moment in which you feel different, moved emotionally in a somatic sense, other worldly, responding to what would otherwise be an ordinary situation, but you respond instead in an extraordinary way. What we are talking about is a small window on a vast dimension of life, for most people, invisible, that increases our ability to perceive and process information vital to us and to our purpose in being here. That dimension is called the Quantum Energy or Zero-Point Field.

Quantum means a very small speck of something, in this case, an elemental unit of energy. It turns out that quanta (several small specks of energy) exist in the background of all atoms and show themselves even at the coldest of temperatures, zero degrees Kelvin (or absolute zero) the lowest of all possible energy states. This is demonstrated when all matter has been removed and nothing is left to make any motion, in essence, nothing should move. And yet, these infinitesimally small packets of energy exist, sometimes as particles and sometimes as waves. And this energy fills the space or void. Now, where do you and I come in? We, and everything around us is made up of atoms. If the foundation of all atoms is this energy field, then we have this energy within us. Through and through. Everywhere. In fact, there is no beginning or end to it, where one atom starts and another stops. The energy is continuous. And it turns out that this energy, when it moves in waves, has no boundaries, not in space, and not in time. So, you can consider yourself tethered, if you will, by this energy field in the background of every atom in your body, to everything that exists, has existed and will exist. You really have no physical boundary when it comes to this energy field. And in fact, you are entangled energetically to everything else, to everyone else, in the physical world we see, and the non-physical world we don’t see, as in our consciousness, or more simply, our thoughts.

Over the past couple of centuries scientists have endeavored to prove the existence of this other dimension, this energy field that connects us, to explain consciousness and the sheer effect of our thoughts. We now have incontrovertible research data that does just that. Through scientific regimen, we now have explained such psychic phenomena as remote viewing, precognition, telepathy/mind reading, auric sight/clairvoyance, clairaudience, psychometry, dowsing, healing, psychokinesis/telekinesis, dematerialization/ materialization, levitation and homeopathy. The key to understanding these phenomena is this energy fabric that runs through us and connects us all to everything, regardless of space and time. The entanglement of our existence. In Dr. Dean Radin’s words, “…At a level of reality deeper than the ordinary senses can grasp, our brains and minds are in intimate communion with the universe…”(Entangled Minds, Extrasensory Experiences in a Quantum Reality, Paraview, Pocket Books, New York, 2006, pg 263).

So, back to meeting that seemingly pivotal person in your life. I think it is a fair statement that you and that person are/were entangled. For what reason, is up to your own circumstances and understanding. But don’t just take my word for it, take it from the numerous scientists I have lined up to share with you their knowledge, their worldviews and their research. They will take what you have experienced and explain it to you—in terms that will give you much greater insight into your interpretation of life. And inspire you to listen to what is inside of you, 24/7. Download our weekly program, and start a conversation. Your experiences are more common than you think. You are more connected than you know.

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